Bringing Experience and Expertise to Digital Asset Investing

We seek, fund, and develop category leaders in emerging digital financial ecosystems, whether it is Defi, Gamefi, NFT, Metaverse, DAO, Web3, we are closely tracking the latest developments in the industry.

At ENZOGROUP Ventures, we invest in innovative financial technologies that are changing the market.

How we operate

ENZOGROUP Ventures, the venture capital arm of ENZOGROUP, manages a range of funds for outside investors. We generate returns for our investors by finding, investing in and growing category leaders in the emerging digital financial ecosystem.


We only invest in what we know and are familiar with, we know cryptocurrencies and capital markets. We look for early-stage companies with experienced founders who have built a working product or prototype and are starting to find and scale product-market fit.


Our investments have also issued tokens alongside our equity ownership. Our investment process focuses on founder / market fit, and finding the right people to solve the right problem.


As trusted industry leaders, and part of the larger Enzo Group, we leverage our brand, our network, and our experience to help our portfolio companies grow. Instead of relying on other investors for signal, we use our influence and our network to create new narratives.

Our Portfolio