Our Focus

For investors seeking exposure to new areas of the digital asset ecosystem, our active management strategy provides a useful approach to navigating this rapidly changing new world. By investing in digital assets, virtual currencies, and related blockchain industry applications, we develop innovative approaches to meet our clients’ various investment objectives while seeking to provide superior risk-adjusted returns.

Alternative investment vehicle focused on cryptocurrencies.

Proprietary discretionary directional trading strategy with focused on risk-adjusted returns.

Lengthy track record with independent fund administration.

Our Trading Philosophy

We generates high risk-adjusted returns by executing short to intermediate term directional trades with low leverage utilizing a proprietary three prong swing trading technique.

Quantitative analysis assesses market movements

  • Global macro themes
  • Capital flows

Market trend review

  • Technical based market trend assessment on all time frames

Cryptocurrency fundamental analysis

  • Technology development timelines (e.g. EIP-1559)
  • Assess cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption metrics, network hash rate, etc.

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